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My daughter had faced challenges with Math over the years due to fear and teachers who were not very patient or committed to teaching. After a few session with Semere, she developed a better understanding of the material and worked through problems using the online environment.  After just a few sessions, not only did she learn and master the material, but she also developed a confidence in her own knowledge and abilities to the extent that she has become a student volunteer to help younger students through her high school.  She is more determined to master new challenges in math and now has a comfort level to dig in and study hard.

Dr. Judy J.

Semere tutored my three children in Math over the past several years. He is the best math tutor you will ever have and if you are reading this you are already lucky to have found him.

Mrs. Debbie Rosenfeld

Ryan tutored my oldest daughter when she was preparing to take the SAT Physics Subject test. She had areas that she had never covered well enough in her classes. Furthermore she lacked confidence in her ability to master Physics concepts.  Ryan took her back to the basics first and retaught her in a way that made everything make sense and it became easy for her to then progress. She began to love Physics and thought of herself as an excellent Physics student and became one.

Dr. Thiagarajan

My second daughter had been in honors math straight through but needed help with calculus at some point. Mark met with her and helped her to successfully complete the course.

Mrs. Jennifer Bern

We thought my third daughter had potential in math but she would get distracted in large classes, would skip doing her homework, and would not know how to begin to study for math exams.  Semere tutored her in algebra 2 trig, precalculus, and calculus. She had an amazing growth with Semere to a student who would not only do her homework every night and would do well in exams, but also became enthralled with math and saw the beauty in its theory. She was able to grasp everything and then on her own manipulate problems and solve them in different ways. By the time she took precalculus she was helping the teacher explain things to other students and won the math award that year. This change had such a huge impact on her confidence and self esteem that she matured greatly in all of her academics.

Dr. Judy J

Semere is a talented, brilliant, kind, patient, and intuitive tutor. He clearly lives in the math world and makes that a cool place for his students to explore. However he also understands the emotional needs of his students and the tempo of their learning and when to push harder or when to back off and give more time for things to sink in. He knows well when the student gets the material and will not move too rapidly if something needs to be explained over again. He will think of different ways to present the material until the student owns it. I felt such a sense of calm and gratitude when Semere would work with my children. I know you will also feel the same.

U. Mahatme, JD