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General Information

Helm Tutors offers Test Preparation [Test Prep] and Academic Tutoring mostly 1-on-1 (face-to-face or online.)  Because we have an interactive whiteboard built into our site, we are able to tutor you regardless of your location.  In the past, we have been able to tutor students as far as Jakarta and as close as BrooklynOur face-to-face tutoring is available only to students near the NYC metro area.  It is worth noting that our face-to-face rates are understandably higher than our online rates (usually double.)  This is strictly due to the fact that commute time is involved for face-to-face sessions.  Otherwise, we have seen no difference in results whether our tutoring was delivered face to face or not (online.)   In the end, the most important goal of tutoring is effective communication of ideas between tutor and student.  Our amazing online whiteboard not only facilitates this but also enhances it. 

In addition to the above, we are also open to working with an entire school on the SAT, SHSAT, or other test prep programs.  In this scenario, our tutors will come to your school’s location 2 or 3 times a week [Only for schools in the NYC metro area. 

Test Preparation

Our approach to test prep is the same regardless of the test.  We give students a couple of diagnostic exams to start.  In the first few sessions, we simply go over the diagnostic exams.  Then, we teach a number of lessons (number of lessons depends on diagnosed areas of weakness.)  Thereafter, we practice the test.  That is to say, after the lessons where we “fill in any gaps,” we get into a routine of doing a practice tests and going over the practice tests.   We continue practicing until a couple of weeks prior to the real test date where we give our students official previously administered tests.   We have seen this plan work countless times with many of our students getting perfect scores on their official exam reports.  So, there is no need to depart from such a successful formula.

Our menu of test prep includes the following (but not limited to):





SAT Subject Tests

AP Exams

IB Exams

Contest Mathematics (AMC, etc)




Our tutors are accomplished and amazing at what they do.  Countless students have gotten to their dream scores with us.  In some instances, our students have surpassed all expectations (both – of what we thought we could do as well as what we thought our students could do with the right support.)  Equally important to reaching objectives, our tutors know how to teach the underlying subject in a way that has long-lasting benefits.  

We are able to tutor all High School subjects but we additionally offer support to college students.  For example, we have previously worked with students attending Cornell University, Princeton University, Carnegie Mellon, and Harvard.